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Robert Kelly

  • Associate Professor

Currently Teaching

 F2020 - ART 231 - Art Fundamentals: 2D
 F2020 - ART 233 - Art Fundamentals: 3D
 W2021 - ART 342 - Art Education Across the Lifespan I


Educator and artist Robert Kelly is an associate professor in the Faculty of Arts and an adjunct associate professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Calgary where he teaches design, art education and creativity in educational practice. His recent research in the area of creativity in education has involved the design and coordination of the Creativity in Educational Practice graduate program for educators as part of the Interdisciplinary MEd degree program at the University of Calgary. His research is focused on creativity in teacher education and understanding the nature of creative development and is featured in his new volume entitled Educating for Creativity: A Global Conversation (2012). His current  research in this area is focused on the development of a new volume entitled Developing Creativity: A Resource Book for Educators (2014).

Robert has previously edited Creative Expression, Creative Education: Creativity as a Primary Rationale for Education (2008). He is associate editor for two research volumes from the International Journal of Creative Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice Inquiries for Hope and Change (2010) and Research for Community and Cultural Change (2011). He is also assistant editor for a new IJCAIP volume entitled Creative Arts in Humane Medicine (2013).

His most recent work as artist is his widely exhibited, conceptual Minutia installation that consists of eleven books of concrete poetry on lecterns, based on the sentence fragment “the first time I heard the sound of a page turning.” His new studio research is focused on the development of the interactive, conversational installation entitled “Babel: Was It Something I Said?”, and the introspective painted series entitled “I Really Don’t Know Clouds at All”.

Robert received his undergraduate training in education at the University of Western Ontario (Western University) followed by master’s graduate work in art education at the University of Victoria and doctoral work in education at the University of Calgary.

His diverse background encompasses teaching experience in public education at the junior high and secondary levels in the areas of fine arts, social studies, gifted education and outdoor education. Robert has been an Associate of the former  Centre For Gifted Education at the University of Calgary where he was responsible for mentorship and fine arts. He has also designed archaeology-based educational programs as curator of a historic site at Longwoods Road Conservation Area in Ontario centred around a re-creation of a 15th century Iroquoian village and adjacent archeological excavations. He has written two books on Canada’s indigenous peoples. His diverse educational background is rounded out with extensive teaching experience in the athletic areas of tennis and Nordic skiing.

Robert has received numerous awards for teaching excellence while teaching at the K to 12 levels in public education and also as a post - secondary educator at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.. He is currently featured on the University of Calgary’s Great Teachers website.

Robert Kelly has been a featured keynote speaker nationally and internationally speaking on creativity and educational practice.





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