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Exhibition: TRACE'S

Date & Time:
February 12, 2019 - 8:30 am to February 15, 2019 - 4:30 pm
Art Building 621
Frances Knee, RCA exchange student

The exhibition TRACE'S is an exploration of the delicate compatibility between Humanity & Nature. The eclectic body of work allows the viewer a fresh set of eyes and opportunities to ponder at the moments, environments and peoples otherwise untold stories which have been preserved. In our day to day busy lives we rarely REALLY take time to look. There is so much beauty and contrasting pain, both significant parts of life which we miss. Stay on the train till the end of the line. Take the road less taken. Chat to a stranger. Let curiosity lead.

Opening reception: Feb. 12, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.