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Art Now: Maddie Alexander

Date & Time:
November 17, 2017 | 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Gallery Hall, TFDL
Maddie Alexander 

Art Now: Visiting Artist & Scholar Series

Maddie Alexander: The queer art of failing- then making it look like you did it on purpose. 

In their lecture, Canadian multidisciplinary artist Maddie Alexander will discuss failing, starting over, coming out, and art’s power to create space and critical dialogue. They will discuss their trajectory navigating (a few) educational systems, the importance of queer community space, and the radical history of queer + trans artists effecting political change. They will also talk about DIY practices, creating accessible art, and ways to manage material costs without sacrificing your practice. 

Maddie Alexander is a Canadian artist practicing in Toronto, Ontario. They hold a BFA from OCAD University, have exhibited locally and internationally, and received the Project 31 Photography Award in 2016.  Their practice is multidisciplinary but manifests mainly in moving or still image, text, and installation. Primarily their work explores how different forms of media representations shape and distort our understanding of queer bodies, relationships, identity and sexuality.