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Greg Robb: Urban Salvage Sculpture

Date & Time:
August 7, 2017 - September 1, 2017
Little Gallery (6 Floor Art Building, Arts Parkade)
Greg Robb
"Skewed View" (2017). Photo by Byron Robb

MFA Graduate Exhibition

August 7 - September 1, 2017

Reception: Thursday August 24 4:30 - 6:30 p.m.

My work, ‘Urban Salvage Sculpture’, examines the ways in which people use and dispose of materials in the urban environment. In particular, I am questioning the valuation of wood, steel, and rubber tires once their primary functions have ended and they are deemed no longer useful.  By investigating this practice through the rescue and revitalization of these materials, I am creating a new paradigm. I am repurposing zero or negative value materials into fine art objects by challenging entrenched value systems, planned obsolescence and commercial advertising.

My intention is to bring a critical view of mans’ wasteful practices into perspective and to explain what making artwork from salvaged materials means to me. I believe that our awareness and our sensibility to the world in which we live has strong effects on the choices and decisions that we make including the consumption and disposal of materials. I believe that all humans are connected and we are all grounded on one earth. When I make artwork, I am striving to connect with my fellow man. I want to share what I think and feel through the artwork. The expression of vitality that I present is an attempt to uplift the viewer and to share with them the experience that I have had in the making of the work. I hope that the connections that I make with the materials also come through to the viewer and they can experience these materials in new ways.