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Little Gallery

The Little Gallery is located on the 6th floor of the Art Building near the main entrance. The Little Gallery provides weekly exhibitions for students, faculty and various art classes. Popular annual exhibitions such as the B.F.A. Post Miniature Exhibition and Silent Auction provide an opportunity for student fundraising and faculty-student interaction.

For information on booking an exhibition contact the Gallery Coordinator through the Main Office (403/220-5251).

621 Gallery

The 621 Gallery is located in room 621 on the 6th floor of the Art Building (near the service elevator). The 621 Gallery provides weekly exhibitions for students, faculty and various art classes. Popular events include the annual Print Sale and the B.F.A. Post Miniature Exhibition and Silent Auction.

For information on booking an exhibition contact the Gallery Coordinator through the Main Office (403/220-5251).

Mezzanine Gallery

The Mezzanine Gallery is located in the University Theatre on the Mezzanine level. The Gallery showcases local artists, and supports the Department of Art by providing an exhibiting space for for its undergraduate and graduate students. It is administered by Martin Hebert of University Theatre Services.

Dean's Gallery

The Dean's Gallery is located in the Craigie Hall D100. The Gallery showcases works by faculty members, students, visiting artists and others.

Studio and Technical Resources

Drawing and Painting

Both the drawing and painting facilities include studios with storage areas, a still life room and a collection of art prints and anatomical specimens of human skeletons.


The sculpture facilities include bronze and metal casting equipment, welding and metal forming shop, studios for plaster, wood, clay and stone.  (See also Digital Media.)


There are separate studios for etching, lithography, serigraphy and relief printing. Equipment includes an enlarger, plate-maker, process camera, and vacuum silkscreen printer.


The photography facilities offer standard black & white and color equipment, means for transparency masking color separation, inter-negatives, dye transfer printing and gum printing.  There is a separate graduate darkroom with a color and a black and white enlarger, print finishing/matting area and an artificial light studio, with both continuous and electronic flash lighting. Digital facilities are provided primarily through the Integrated Integrated Arts Media Lab (see Digital Media below).

Digital Media

The digital media needs of students in the Faculty of Arts, including the Department of Art, are primarily met by the Integrated Arts Media Lab (IAML).  The IAML includes digital equipment, such as Power Macs, digital still and video cameras and a Display Maker Series XII Printer - the printer can print in one of the widest ranges of colors on the market, with archival, museum-grade ink and can print on a wide range of materials. An Object 30 Pro 3D printer is also housed in the IAML.  See the Lab web site for more information.

The Department of Art also has a ShopBot Buddy CNC Router available in its Woodshop.  This 3-axis router is a computer-controlled system that accepts files from various 2D design and 3D modelling programs; it can accommodate foam, wood and plastics up to 24"x48"x5".

Department of Art Safety Manual


Other Art Facilities on Campus

The Nickle Galleries

The Nickle Galleries is an outstanding center for object based learning, academic research and aesthetics. The museum strives to promote visual literacy, critical thinking and experiential learning through provocative exhibitions, tours, lecture series and symposia. The Nickle Galleries' programming and collecting policy is centered around contemporary Canadian art, ancient numismatics, carpets and textiles. The permanent collection concentrates on Western Canadian art of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries and extends to artists of national importance. The Nickle Galleries is typically host to the annual B.F.A. and M.F.A. exhibitions, as well as faculty and staff exhibitions.

The Nickle Galleries is part of Information Resources at the University of Calgary and is located in the Taylor Family Digital Library.