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Art Now: Rolande Souliere

Date & Time:
September 29, 2017 | 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Gallery Hall, TFDL
Rolande Souliere

Art Now: Visiting Artist & Scholar Series

Rolande Souliere: Towards an Indigenous history

Alberta College of Art and Design 2017 artist in residence Rolande Souliere’s multi-disciplinary practice spans sculpture, painting, collage, screen printing and installation.  In this session, Souliere will discuss how the choice of materials such as headlights, lampshades, street barriers are selected for their materiality and used as a vehicle to address socio-political and cultural issues pertaining to Indigeneity.  Souliere will also talk about her social art project “The Collage of Indigenization, 2014+” where she engaged extensively with the Australian Aboriginal arts community. This has resulted in the first ever collages produced from regional contemporary Australian Aboriginal artists that re-enforced Aboriginal knowledge, worldviews and discourse.

Rolande Souliere became a contemporary visual artist when she migrated to Australia in 1998.  Living between Australia and Canada has highlighted the common political interests, the shared struggles and historical memory of colonialism of Indigenous people on a global level.  Souliere’s practice is anchored in addressing Indigenous histories that have either been silenced, misrepresented and or hidden within western academic and socio-political discourses.